Miriam Meima


Most people call me a business psychologist or a coach. Driven by the belief that it is possible to be happy and successful at the same time, I started shadowing consultants as a teenager to learn how. After finishing my undergrad and spending 5 years living in Spain, I stalked my favorite consulting company until they hired me. There I worked with teams and top-level executives at JetBlue, Clorox, Morgan Stanley, Nintendo, the Department of Defense and the Nature Conservancy, to name a few.

In 2008 my whole world was flipped upside down. Within a couple months my Mom passed away unexpectedly and I went through a divorce. Once the dust started to settle I began to see things more clearly. Of all of the companies I had worked with, the only ones with lasting change had motivated people at the top modeling how to do things differently. Unfortunately, it was rare to find these driven leaders and many cultural change efforts did not succeed.

I had a new mission. In 2010 (Master’s Degree + Coaching Certificate in hand) I opened my private practice working exclusively with ambitious executives and entrepreneurs. This has led me to work with the leaders of start-ups across the globe and witness the magic that unfolds when people claim their potential.

On February 2020, I was accepted as one of Forbes Coaches Council.

My Credentials Include:

  • MA, Organizational Management and Development. Fielding Institute.
  • Thesis: Creating a Culture of Health & Healing, A Study of Addiction in the Workplace.
  • Certified Leadership + Transformation Coach. Hendricks Institute.
  • BA, Psychology + Business. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach. Hendricks Institute.
  • Certified Organizational Culture Consultant. Denison Consulting.
  • Certified Leadership Development Consultant. Denison Consulting.

I Love…

  • Surprises!
  • Writing
  • Adventure
  • Being outdoors
  • That ah-ha smile when clients recognize their genius for the first time.

Frankie Gruntler


I started my first business at the age of 7 and haven’t stopped. In my 20s I grew a company to 150 employees and $30MM in annual revenue. In the process I lost myself in the beliefs that had been drilled into me. I acted as though working long, hard days was what was most important; and a culture of fear was the best way to motivate my team. I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to lead but I had never seen it done any other way. Without knowing what else to do, I slowly drove myself into the ground. My health tanked, my marriage tanked, everything good in life turned grey. It took hitting rock bottom before I was able to find a new approach.

In 2010 I found Miriam. I was 1 year into a new business and was committed to doing it differently. I wanted the culture of this business to be focused people feeling good about themselves and their work. I wanted to be happy while building this business, something I had never had before.

I am happy to say that I accomplished all I set out to do. People started approaching me for coaching – asking for support in getting some of what I had for themselves. This led me to become a certified CTI coach. More than anything, what I share with my clients is an enthusiasm for life, a belief that what they want IS possible and lots of tools of how to make it fun and easy.

My Credentials Include:

  • Founder/ Co Founder of multiple companies
  • Investor
  • Board member
  • Board chair
  • Certified CPCC coach
  • Studied finance Colorado State University

I Love…

  • Being an early adopter
  • Studying successful entrepreneurs
  • My Kindle + Audible
  • Cooking without a recipe
  • Meditating on a paddleboard

Suzie Joseph

Through my work and in my everyday relationships, I am driven by curiosity and inspired by people. As a dedicated and trusted partner for my clients, I am excited to help them unlock and explore their unique stories.
Over the past 15 years, I worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, emphasizing the human in human resources, engaging and inspiring talent, developing aspiring leaders, enlarging the impact of top executives, breaking down cultural barriers and unifying stakeholders around an outcome driven people-centric strategy.

In 2017, after the birth of my son, I found myself in an executive role managing talented teams who were creating the impact that had originally inspired me. Driven by my own desire to keep growing and learning I completed my CTI coaching certification. With a renewed energy, I have dedicated myself to empowering professionals who are ready to invest in themselves, willing to uncover their true potential and prepared to create lasting and meaningful impact.

I am certified to administer multiple psychometric tools, have achieved a six sigma green belt, holds a certificate in international business and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and strategic communications. I am currently living in Madison, WI with my husband Kyle and son Carter.

My Credentials Include:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, Coaches Training Institute
  • Coaching Intensive Certification, Columbia Coaching Certification Foundations Series
  • Coaching Certification, Association for Talent Development
  • MBTI Certified, American Management Association
  • Interpersonal Leadership Styles Certified, Stratton Consulting
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (SSGBC)
  • University of Cambridge, UK – Certificate in International Business Practice
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison – Bachelor of Arts Journalism & Strategic Communication

I Love…

  • Traveling & exploring different cultures
  • Yoga
  • Baking something new
  • Motivational quotes
  • Discovering people’s stories

Tim Yost

With a background deeply rooted in technology, I’ve allowed my entrepreneurial spirit to take me through innovative ventures in software development, real estate investing and franchised restaurant ownership. Through this process, I’ve learned first hand what it’s like to launch, build and sell businesses. My experience leads me into consulting for other entrepreneurs who are navigating complex business decisions and looking for creative solutions.

When you’re building a business, driving revenue and market share can be achieved organically or through acquisition. Identifying opportunities and evaluating the possibilities for incremental growth is where you’ll find your next best move.

My Credentials Include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions experience across a broad base of industry sectors including: software applications, computer hardware, specialty retail technology, and consumer products.
  • Advisor to business owners, shareholders, corporate board and investors in matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, financial analysis and valuation.
  • Full cycle M&A: Prospection, evaluation, due diligence, negotiation through closing and integration.
  • Particular expertise applying deep technical knowledge to help companies with strategic decisions to build, buy or secure external partnerships.
  • Specializing in technical integrations for quickest time to value
  • Computer Information Systems, Colorado State University

I Love…

  • Outdoor activities including surfing, kiteboarding and cycling
  • Spontaneous adventure
  • New experiences
  • Comedy and laughter

Jane Schreiner

I am incredibly passionate about walking with my clients in creating the life that lights them up! I have owned several businesses and raised four wonderful children. From an early age, I began actively searching for what it means to be happy and how to live in joy. I sought answers in traditional therapy, eastern mindfulness training, endless studies and a few sidetracks into various addictions. Ultimately I learned how to live in resonance with myself. From this journey came my coaching practice and curriculum Happiness Is A Skill. Jane is a keynote speaker and leads workshops on this topic. Jane has 3 certifications which round out her life experience in coaching.

My Credentials Include:

  • PCC from the International Coach Federation.
  • CPCC from Coaches Training Institute.
  • Certified Recovery Specialist in addiction recovery.
  • Studied Business and Art in College

I Love…

  • Continuing to learn and hone my coaching skills
  • Teaching the Happiness Is A Skill curriculum
  • Traveling the globe with my husband
  • Daily walks
  • Going on retreats



Lisa Hook

Lisa is our bookkeeper extraordinaire. She loves hands-on home renovation, cooking (she was a restaurateur for years) and being a mom to her two grown sons. She lives in Arizona, where she finds the sun as much as possible.