“In my first meeting, Miriam gently pointed out to me how I had created my own obstacles to reaching my professional goals. With the momentum created by meeting with Miriam, I have become more effective in pursuing my professional goals with more enthusiasm, greater focus, and less wasted energy. Miriam has a superb ability to use intuition and insight to get right to the heart of the matter at hand.”

Aspiring Entreprenuer Turned Business Owner

“I clearly recall our first meeting, which was a lunch to get to know each other. As I was constantly distracted by my silent alerts on my phone as it sat on the table, I noticed that Frankie had placed his face down on the table and never gave it a second glance. I mentioned this to him and he just smiled and said yeah “It’s just something I try to work on, being present” in his humble Frankie way. As the meal continued I saw that he is certainly one of the most present people I have ever met. When you speak with him he is listening and it is apparent. I knew from that day this was a person I wanted and needed to work with. My work with Frankie has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Frankie is smart, kind, compassionate, amazingly energetic and encouraging. He has provided me with a road map and concrete tools that I continue to use daily. He helped me level up personally and professionally.”


“I’m changing the way I communicate with others. Miriam has helped me practice some new, fundamental communication skills that have led to shifts in communications with my co-workers, my spouse, my children, even friends. With less finger-pointing and blame, I’ve found there’s no need for some of the traditional office or relationship dramatics. You can create shifts in the way you interact with people around you and have a very different experience. To give an example, today I pursued a conversation with one of my coworkers until I felt that we had actually reached clear agreement – we both knew what the other person needed and what each of us was willing to do. We set the stage for our next discussion and when we would come back together. Both at work, and at home, I find this is helping lead to more honesty and trust.”

Marketing Director

“Working with Frankie empowered me to find my own intrinsic ability to overcome obstacles. His ability to draw out my own internal strengths and hold me accountable to goals that I set made the most daunting tasks seem achievable. I never truly understood how impactful a coach could be until I worked with the compassionate team at 2M. Frankie's vision and passion empowered me to be optimistic about my own happiness and success.”


“Miriam is a woman who truly lives and walks her talk. She is dedicated to fiercely helping others find their true essence and in doing so she doesn’t allow you to talk in a negative way about yourself. She is one that will call you out, yet she does so with such kindness and grace, and a twinkle in her eye, you almost have to laugh / smile. I HIGHLY recommend Miriam as a guide, facilitator, and light worker, both individually and in group settings. She is a jewel to be discovered!”


“Miriam’s powerful presence and intuition gave me the most diamond-clear feedback in my most mind-bottled of moments. Her deep insights unravelled the stories I had so tightly woven myself into that were holding me back from what I wanted most. Now, while in the flow of life, there’s a palpable sense of ease and freedom, joy and fearlessness. She is amazing, and this series is priceless.”

Business Owner

“When I first met Miriam, I felt like I was saturated with stress. It seemed that there was no relief, personally or professionally. I felt there was no time for me at all, I was frantically doing all the things others were asking, and I had no idea how to stop feeling spread so thin. Working together with Miriam, I’ve created a new sense of balance in my life. I’ve found time for me, for my kids, my job, and even, friends and family members. And I can now enjoy time I spend with others or just with myself, instead of worrying about what I’m not doing right now. I’ve greatly diminished the stress and drama I was experiencing and am finding and keeping the peace I was looking for within myself.”

Vice President, Communications

“Working with Miriam, I’ve been able to take new approaches to my life– both personally and professionally. I’m finding new ways to balance the time I want to spend in each of these areas, and also, making more intentional decisions about how I spend my time. Miriam has helped me identify new tools to use that help me find places within myself that bring me calm, peace, respect for where I am, and some days, even joy – not a word I would have easily chosen before working with Miriam.”

Vice President, Human Resources

“Working with Miriam changed my life. She has a gentle, yet direct and poignant approach that allowed me to deeply explore the core concerns or behaviors behind the issues I brought forward in our work. Miriam has an uncanny ability to uncover these core components quickly, set the nonsense aside, and create dramatic, extremely positive shifts in the way I approach my life. I not only recommend her to others whenever possible, but embrace our work together in both my professional and personal life.”

Vice President for an Internet Retailer 100 Software Company

“Working together with Miriam has been such a wonderful and positive experience. While our conversations have ranged – literally – from my childhood experiences and environment to what’s happening today, I’ve found that understanding how I got where I am is part of how I can accept and even change things in my life today. With many years of practice burying emotions to ensure no one knows or can “see” my feelings, I’ve discovered there can be joy in accepting these emotions and understanding they’re part of my life. I don’t have to bury them – and I also don’t have to continue to feel them long after the actual emotion has subsided.”

Vice President, Human Capital