Miriam Meima


Co-Founder, Coach


My work happens in a sweet spot that’s both left and right-brained, informed by tested methodologies and intuition. The result’s a rapid, positive transformation, fueled by bold optimism and common sense.

  • I help you recognize the brilliance you already have and grow a life rooted in ease and flow.
  • I uncover the beliefs and unconscious strategies holding you back and invite you to transform them into fuel for your potential.
  • I identify the gap between your ideal and your reality and help you craft an inspiring, practical plan to bridge it.
Experience, Expertise, and Education

I offer twenty years of experience with private, public, and non-profit organizations in a wide range of industries and regions. I’ve coached bright-eyed entrepreneurs and multi-billion dollar corporations, non-profits and mom-and-pop shops. I’ve worked with teams and top-level executives at JetBlue, Clorox, Morgan Stanley, Nintendo, the Department of Defense and the Nature Conservancy, to name a few.  I have also loved my work with dozens of start-ups and growing tech companies.

My range of experience allows me to quickly tune into your unique potential and identify how to unlock your success.  My credentials include:

  • MA, Organizational Management and Development. Fielding Institute.
  • Thesis: Creating a Culture of Health & Healing, A Study of Addiction in the Workplace.
  • Certified Leadership + Transformation Coach. Hendricks Institute.
  • BA, Psychology + Business. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach. Hendricks Institute.
  • Certified Organizational Culture Consultant. Denison Consulting.
  • Certified Leadership Development Consultant. Denison Consulting.
I Love…
  • Surprises!
  • That ah-ha smile when clients recognize their genius for the first time.
  • Whiteboards.
  • Learning from everyone I meet, from clients to people on the street.
  • Kayaking, reading, writing and anything that feels like an adventure.
  • Creating customized springboards to launch people into revolutionary ease, joy and success

Frankie Grundler


Co-Founder, Coach


My life experience and business acumen, inform my approach to supporting clients.


After studying finance at Colorado State University, I entered the world of corporate business management. Over the last 15 years I have managed hundreds of employees while developing successful companies.


The last eight years I have been on a personal journey that has led me to coaching and consulting.  I am passionate about sharing all that I have learned and supporting other to create sustainable CHANGE.


I believe that fulfillment in life comes from a mixture of work and play.  Some of my favorite activities are kite boarding, kayaking, biking, yoga, SUP, and watching movies.  I am grateful for all that life offers.