We have facilitated close to one thousand events (strategy sessions, vision sessions, leadership development trainings, etc.).  Each one is different.  It is important to us to surprise ourselves by how we chose to design your retreat.  What you need is different than what anyone has ever needed.  What you need this month or this year is different than what you will need next month and next year.  That said, using some best practices that we have picked up along the way ensures a successful outcome.  We want you to walk away with renewed clarity, a fresh enthusiasm and a clear inspired action plan with built-in accountability.

Off-sites can happen anywhere in the world.  In most cases they are 2-5 days.  The length of an event will be dictated by the scope of change that we are aiming for.

From vision to action.
From conflict to collaboration.
From startup to sustainable success.

We offer potent intensives for teams ready for a new level of success. We’ll use trusted business methodologies along with our unique knack for streamlining strategy and blaze a new path of success for your organization.